Cuff your Mini

miniback.gifSonnet has a super-svelte mounting solution for your Mac – the MacCuff Mini! The MCM provides a variety of mounting solutions including the ability to affix your Mini to the back of your flat panel. It also includes a 1-foot DVI to VGA cable to help minimize cable clutter.

MacCuff mini features a rugged steel frame with a refined platinum finish and durable plastic coating to prevent scratching. With VESA mounting screw locations, you can easily install your Mac mini to VESA compatible LCD displays to create a sleek and minimal workspace.

Or to help eliminate desktop cable clutter, attach your Mac mini under a desk or shelf using the provided drill template and screws.

The price is right at $49.99 so if you are looking for a cool Mini-bracket the MCM might be the one for you.

Matt Brinkhoff

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