New “Mini” Mini on the Horizon?

miniAccording to the folks over at LoopRumors Apple may be planning to throw the current Mac Mini design into the dryer and run it a little too long.

According to this new information we received, the Mac mini will see a dramatic change in its form factor, with a design that is ‘less than half the size’ of the current offering. The mini will also see modest speed increases, with significantly larger storage.

This seems a bit excessively rumour-y to me but hey, they have “reliable sources” so there must be something to it right? At least some of the peeps over at the MacRumours forums seem to think so. I’ve been inside my Mini(s) a few too many times to recount and I’m not sure they could shrink the thing that much without taking something out that differentiates the Mini from the AppleTV (like oh, I dunno – the optical drive maybe???)

Matt Brinkhoff

6 Responses to “New “Mini” Mini on the Horizon?”

  1. Yacko Says:

    Even if it is half the size, there is still the DVD footprint to think about. So we know it will be at least 6″ x 6″ so it will probably be the height that will disappear. Or will it? Would Jobs green light a mini without an optical drive built in? The MacBook Air factor extends to other Apple machines? I know it doesn’t make any sense but Apple does tend to think different. How about a mini with all network storage? Then you might think, get over it, give it a screen, make it a tablet/controller. Speaking of which, I wonder when Axiotron will abandon the oversize Modbook and make a tablet based on the MacBook Air? I’d carry it everywhere, house, yard, patio, neighbors, car, commuter train, vacation. An Air tablet plus an iPhone is a killer combo. What was that Palm Foleo/Centro concept about? Just not high enough cool factor.

  2. AdamC Says:

    You have a point there about them throwing away the optical drive. My experience with my mac Mini is you can live without it, buy a pioneer optical drive (the driver is in the Mac OS), fit it with an enclosure and connect it to the Mini through the firewire port – viola you have a superdrive.
    To test drive it, burn a dvd through disk utility.

  3. Yacko Says:

    >>My experience with my mac Mini is you can live without it

    Maybe yes, maybe no. It isn’t the burn part but the disk reading part. I mean the mini makes a poor media center without a drive to play the occasional disc. But then, Jobs has a fetish for optical disk-less media players, no? Isn’t a Mac mini minus a DVD just a Mac TV and isn’t it already about half the size of the mini? We’ll see what the future brings.

  4. kirasaw Says:

    Why a smaller Mini? I want/need a larger Mini – one that will support 2 monitors. I don’t need a Mac Pro – way more power than I need and more money than I can afford and since I already have 2 22″ LCD monitors an iMac is a bit of a waste of money. Fine if they want to make a smaller Mini but how about a bigger one too 🙂

  5. S Says:

    All I want is a Mini that can (optionally) drive a 30″ Cinema display. I would pay more to add the video RAM to do this. Who needs a Tower with it’s noisy fans and slots for video cards you will never need? An iMac with a 2nd monitor next to it is ugly and awkward. If there was a 30″ (or larger!) iMac this would be taken care of, but there isn’t! The Mini size is perfect as is… just make it more powerful, Apple!

  6. Michael Says:

    Personally I don’t care about size, the size is fine.

    What I do care about is; better video, build in BlueRay, and possibly a more functional remote control. Then we have a real mac HTPC.

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