AppleTV on your Mac Update


MacGeekBlog is reporting that they have a new version of their ATV4Mac software that solves compatibility issues with version 2.0.1 of the AppleTV “Take Two” software. ATV4Mac is an application that lets you run the AppleTV software on your Mac – providing you aren’t one of the few early adopters who have made the leap to Leopard already. (Yes, it currently only runs on 10.48 or greater.) PowerPC users need not apply – this is an Intel only app.

I’m guessing Apple probably isn’t exactly behind the project so the download link will may only be available for a short time. If you miss it and you’re dying to try it out you’ll probably have to acquire the software via IRC or BitTorrent.

The software works by replacing your Front Row application. From the looks of things it’s still a bit rough around the edges so I’d count this as an extreme YMMV.

Matt Brinkhoff

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