iPhone Quickie


So I’ve had an iPhone for a few weeks now but was just too busy to update. Simply put this thing rocks, without beating already familiar review points to death I’ll try and keep it brief. The learning curve on this thing is incredibly low, outside of not being able to connect to my mini because of an un-powered (underpowered) USB hub and not being patient enough to actually read the instructions, I haven’t had any significant problems whatsoever with the phone.

I have to say being able to catch up on Twitter and Digg while standing in line or waiting on someone makes me wish I’d dumped my “traditional” phone a long time ago. I’m screwed if someone comes up with a compelling game for this thing… Yeah I had a bit of buyer’s remorse right after the purchase but now that the sting of dropping the coin has subsided I couldn’t be happier with it. More importantly I couldn’t imagine going back to my old, cheap, featureless Nokia phone.


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