Elgato EyeTV 3.0.2 Update

Elgato has released an update to their Mac OS X PVR software. Unlike most other updates lately there is a detailed list of new features available. From the update page on Elgato’s web site:

Full Support for H.264 Broadcasts

EyeTV now fully supports digital television H.264 broadcasts in standard TV and HDTV resolutions. More and more countries are adopting the H.264 video compression standard for digital television. H.264 provides excellent picture quality at lower data rates than MPEG-2, thus reducing the amount of bandwidth required per channel. The end result is that television stations can broadcast more channels, while using the same number of transmitters.

Closed Captions Support in QuickTime Format Exports (North America only)

EyeTV now supports the exporting of ATSC/NTSC Closed Captions for use on iPhone, iPod, and Apple TV. The Closed Captions are also supported for playback in QuickTime and iTunes.

Separate Deinterlacing Options for Standard TV and HDTV

EyeTV now has separate deinterlacing options for Standard TV and HDTV.

Improved On Screen Menus

The text used in the On Screen Menus has been updated for improved readability. Errors and messaging have also been improved to help users troubleshoot problems.

Unplayed Recordings Badge

EyeTV now displays a badge over the thumbnail of recordings that have not yet been viewed.

Hardware Support

Support has been added for the TerraTec Cinergy T USB XXS.
Support has been added for the Digital Everywhere line of FireWire tuner products (FireDTV C/CI, T/CI, and S2).

Misc bug fixes are also included but not listed in on the site. Stop by Elgato and grab it here.

Matt Brinkhoff

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