The Apple (Air)Remote, You May Already Own One

I just ran across this over at CEPro, finally, could this be the remote control solution Apple heads have been waiting for? No time for a full post but this is just too cool; I can’t wait to get my hands on this.. uh.. this iRemote? oh no did I just say that?


London-based integrator Steve Moore has created AirRemote, “the greatest little TV remote you’ve every used,” he says, “and way cheaper than most of the things in [CE Pro’s] Remote Control round-up.”

Along with the AirRemote application for iPhone, the heart of the system is a low-cost communications box from Global Cache, which takes IP commands from the iPhone and converts them to infrared, serial or contact-closure for controlling everything from a home theater system to lighting controls to motorized blinds.

Air Remote works with the iPhone and iPod Touch. Here’s an example of the compatible IP to IR interface: Global Cache Home Network Adapter-8114


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