Voice Command and Control for the iPhone?

steve-jobs-apple-iphoneSo when I first read about voice command and control for the iPhone I skipped right past thoughts of “dial mom” or “dial pizza hut” and went right to ”DVR” and “channel 808”. Obviously I’m jumping ahead of things quite a bit but voice automating some common control functions in a home theater might be handy.

The first useful application I could envision for a voice activated home theater interface might be something like “lights!” another could be “off!” yeah I know these are things you could accomplish with a remote but sometimes searching around for a remote in a dark room can prove to be a frustrating experience.

Another cool what-if feature could be something like a bookmark, or look-up command for a song playing that you want to find later. The possibilities really are endless and as the iPhone as a remote platform gains strength, the more functionality the better.


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