More Mac Clones Surface

rus_macAccording to Jim Dalrymple over at C|Net news another Mac clone manufacturer has surfaced, but the majority of us will never see one of the “Russian Mac’s” as they’re, you guessed it marketed and sold only in Russia.

RussianMac is the latest company to release a Mac clone and test Apple’s resolve to stop companies from selling its operating system. On its Web site, RussianMac says that a full version of Mac OS X Leopard comes pre-installed on its computers. The company also confirms that the operating system is able to receive automatic system updates from Apple once installed.

Ethical judgments aside It’s interesting to see another Mac clone manufacturer pop-up, can we expect other to wade in and check the water? Again without passing judgment either way as to the legitimacy of selling non-Apple PC’s running OS X it does raise a serious question.

Wouldn’t Apple stand to profit by selling their own universal X86 version of OS X?  Of course that’s for Apple to decide themselves but if I’m a Apple shareholder that’s a question I want answered. Has that possibility been explored (I’m sure it has) and if the decision was made not to move forward on it, why?


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