Another Week Another Mac Clone

quoThis is becoming an all too common occurrence, Psystar is already selling their Mac clones (although they’ve filed for bankruptcy) and last week it was “Russian Macs” now comes Quo, obviously looking to upset the status… quo ok bad pun but hey it was too easy. Quo however is looking to do something other Mac cloners haven’t tried thus far, they actually want to open a retail location.

The California based company states their showroom and website are a go for an early June launch. “It’s exciting. We are trying to stay as close to Apple as we can with our products,” Rashantha De Silva, Quo founder, told CNET News. “We are trying to mimic things as much as we can. I’m hoping that Apple sees the value in what we are doing.”

Something tells me they won’t and Quo will be another in a long line of litigants with a looming court date with Apple. But… on the other hand, this constant barrage of would be OS X original equipment manufacturers might eventually wear Apple down, or more specifically wear down Apple’s board of directors. Never mind the Hackintosh community for a moment, the legitimate (or would be legitimate) companies already lined up and all but begging Apple to license OS X to them would certainly boost the company’s bottom line by a considerable amount.

Or is Steve Job’s so powerful (I know redundant question) that he can convince the shareholders that companies like Dell, Gateway and alike really don’t want OS X on their machines, keep in mind those companies alone could theoretically double OS X installations almost overnight. But before the “what about the millions of drivers they’d have to write” cadre blows a gasket, there’s really a simple solution to that.

Apple could pick a few specific, high-profile partners to work with and they could in turn release OSx86 variants in a staggered, orderly manner. Apple wouldn’t have to try and launch day one with driver support for every PC variant ever made, that would be suicide. Over time however,  a few years perhaps they could have thousands (no not millions) of OSx86 options on the market versus the handful of hardware platforms available today. Think about it, instead of that Dell netbook running Vista commercial that runs during prime time it could just as easily be for a netbook running Apple OS X.

I actually think the benefits would be twofold for Apple, not only would they increase their OEM installations they’d increase their developer network as well, those new developers could benefit Apple’s existing hardware with a broader range of OS X compatible applications. Lastly, never say never, there was a time Apple was and I quote” Never, ever going to use Intel chips”. Times change, how much is the question.

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