Can companions die in skyrim?

If their health is exhausted due to enemy fire, they just get knocked out. Healing them or finishing combat and allowing them to regenerate will bring them back to life. If you kill them due to friendly fire, that’s it: they’re dead permanently.

Can you revive dead companions in Skyrim?

There is no way to resurrect lost companions. Any NPC who dies is dead forever. In the mission where you retrieve the skeleton key, you have 2 companions who “pass out” when they have no health left and come back when their health regenerates.

Do companions permanently die?

All followers will die permanently if you hit a killing blow. There is only one essential follower that can’t die being Derkeethus.

Can Lydia die on Skyrim?

Unlike some other followers, Lydia is not essential (immortal), and can be killed without you knowing about it. But with her unlimited arrow supply, heavy armor, and the fact that she appears early in the game, she might be worth the trouble for beginner players.

Which followers in Skyrim can’t die?

  1. Barbas.
  2. Frea.
  3. Erandur.
  4. Mjoll the Lioness.
  5. Derkeethus.
  6. Serana,
  7. Cicero.
  8. Farkas.

Can I revive Lydia Skyrim?

The only real option is to load a previous save. Once again, however, PC players can use console commands to resurrect her. They just need to type the “resurrect” code after clicking on her body, and Lydia will return just as she was, though some players report her inventory resetting after she’s brought back to life.

How do you revive a dead NPC in Skyrim?

Can AELA the Huntress die?

On the other hand, Aela the Huntress is immune to death during a single quest: She cannot be killed while the Totems of Hircine quest is active because of her quest significance. However, once the quest has been completed, she can be killed. Followers can die, you can even kill them yourselves.

Can your wife die in Skyrim?

If they are not marked as essential, yes. However, unless you kill your spouse directly, the odds of them being killed is highly unlikely. … And if your spouse is in a homestead and is wondering around, then they might die from a creature outside, and so on.

Who is the best Skyrim follower?

  1. 1) Lydia. I know, I know.
  2. 2) Aela the Huntress. As a high-ranking Companion, Aela was a competent warrior long before the Dragonborn came blundering through Jorrvaskr.
  3. 3) Barbas.
  4. 4) Mjoll the Lioness.
  5. 5) J’zargo.
  6. 6) Annekke Crag-Jumper.
  7. 7) Serana – Dawnguard DLC.
  8. 8) Teldryn Sero – Dragonborn DLC.

Can Lydia die if you marry her?

yes she can die. if she does, you can’t marry again.

Can Lydia become a vampire?

Yes. She isn’t a werewolf, so she can become a vampire. Just complete the Companions quest line to marry her. … Although there are two vampire children in the game, you can’t turn yours into vampires without mods.

How do I teleport to Lydia?

2 Answers. If you’re on PC, you can open console and type player. moveto 000A2C94 . If she’s alive, you’ll be teleported to her instantly.

Who is the strongest enemy in Skyrim?

  1. 1 Dragon Priest. There’s nothing more terrifying in Skyrim than the wrath of a Dragon Priest.
  2. 2 Karstaag.
  3. 3 Miraak.
  4. 4 Ebony Warrior.
  5. 5 Legendary Dragon.
  6. 6 Forgemaster.
  7. 7 Nightmaster Vampire.
  8. 8 Draugr Death Overlord.

Can you remarry in Skyrim?

In Skyrim, marriage is forever. You can never leave your spouse for another, or re-marry after being widowed.

Is J Zargo a good follower?

J’Zargo. … Bizarrely, J’Zargo has the highest HP stat of any companion, which is a bit strange when you compare him to tanks like Farkas and Frea. He only uses Apprentice level spells, which can be a bit of a nuisance given how high his stats are, but he’s still a powerful companion and a great character to boot.