Can I uninstall sprint featured apps?

Those apps that can be uninstalled include Sprint Music Plus, Sprint TV & Movies and Sprint-Featured Apps, the spokesman said.

Can I delete Sprint featured apps?

Like other Carriers, Sprint also Installs some Bloatware Android Apps like Sprint Hub. Unfortunately, we can’t uninstall this app like Playstore apps. You have to use other methods to disable and delete those Applications.

What apps can I safely remove from my Android phone?

  1. QR code scanners.
  2. Scanner apps.
  3. Facebook.
  4. Flashlight apps.
  5. Pop the bloatware bubble.

Is it OK to disable built in apps?

It would e.g. make no sense at all to disable “Android System”: nothing would work anymore on your device. If the app-in-question offers an activated “disable” button and press it, you might have noticed a warning popping up: If you disable a built-in app, other apps may misbehave. Your data will also be deleted.

How do I get rid of Sprint bloatware?

  1. Navigate to settings.
  2. Select the Application Manager (aka Applications on some phones).
  3. Scroll over to the list of all apps.
  4. Tap an app you wish to remove.
  5. Tap the Turn Off, Disable or Uninstall button (it will be named one of those things).
  6. Navigate to the all apps menu.

What Sprint apps are safe to delete?

  1. 1Weather.
  2. AAA.
  3. Amazon (Amazon Shopping)
  4. App Spotlight.
  5. Caller ID.
  6. DraftKings.
  7. Lookout.
  8. Loot.

What apps should I delete?

  1. Apps that claim to save RAM. Apps running in the background eat up your RAM and use battery life, even if they’re on standby.
  2. Clean Master (or any cleaning app)
  3. Use ‘Lite’ versions of Social media apps.
  4. Difficult to delete manufacturer bloatware.
  5. Battery savers.
  6. 255 comments.

Does disabling apps free up space?

The only way in which disabling the app will save on storage space is if any updates that have been installed made the app larger. When you go to disable the app any updates will be uninstalled first. Force Stop will do nothing for storage space, but clearing cache and data will…

Does deleting text messages free up space?

Delete old text message threads When you send and receive text messages, your phone automatically stores them for safe keeping. If these texts contain images or videos, they can take up a considerable amount of space. Fortunately, you do not need to go back and manually delete all your old text messages.

What should I delete when my phone storage is full?

Clear the cache If you need to clear up space on your phone quickly, the app cache is the first place you should look. To clear cached data from a single app, go to Settings > Applications > Application Manager and tap on the app you want to modify.

Is it better to disable or force stop an app?

If you disable an app it completely shuts that app off. This means that you can’t use that app anymore and it won’t appear in your app drawer so the only way to use is it to enable it again. Force stop, on the other hand, just stops the app from running.

What is the difference between disable and uninstall?

When an app is uninstalled, it is removed from the device. When an app is disabled, it remains on the device but it is not enabled/functioning, and it can be enabled again if one so chooses.

Can I delete pre installed apps?

You can’t delete some system apps that came pre-installed on your Android phone. But on some phones, you can turn them off so that they won’t show on the list of apps on your phone. To learn how to disable apps, contact your device manufacturer.

Should I delete carrier hub?

Do You Need the Carrier Hub App? As mentioned before, the Carrier hub is an app that allows important features like Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi). If you are using T-mobile services and the app is not causing any issue, it’s better to leave it alone.

How do I stop my Android apps from crashing?

  1. Head to the Settings section of your Android device.
  2. Click on Apps.
  3. Find Android System WebView and tap the menu with the three-dot symbol.
  4. Click Uninstall Updates.
  5. Restart your smartphone.

Should I uninstall carrier hub?

But clearly, since an urgent fix is needed, Android Authority suggests that uninstalling the Google Carrier Services app from your smartphone can fix the issue temporarily. So, if you have been facing issues with SMS services on your device, all you can do right now is to uninstall the Google Carrier Services app.