What is hidd?

Better start reading! The hidd process is not harmful, and is actually part of macOS itself. The cryptic name stands for Human Interface Device Daemon. This daemon interprets all of your mouse movements and keyboard taps, meaning it’s essential if you want to use your Mac. What is the Hidd process on a Mac? Hidd …

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What is hkey local machine?

The HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, otherwise known as HKLM, is a Windows Registry tree that contains configuration data that is used by all users in Windows. This includes information about Windows services, drivers, programs that automatically run for every user, and general OS settings. What Hkey local? HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, often abbreviated as HKLM, is one of several registry hives …

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What is home url?

The site_url() will always be the location where you can reach the site by tacking on /wp-admin on the end, while home_url() would not reliably be this location. … home_url(); The home_url() would be where you have set your homepage by setting General > Settings “Site Address (URL)” field. How do I get a URL …

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