How to cause a distraction in skyrim?

How do you sneak into the Thalmor embassy?

Find the inn of Solitude—the Winking Skeever—and enter to find Malborn sitting inside the inn somewhere. Speak to him and he will attempt to smuggle the hero’s gear into the thalmor embassy. Choose only the important battle and sneak gear to bring in, such as potions of invisibility, potions of heal and magicka, etc.

What should I give Malborn in Skyrim?

If you prefer to take some precautions and act from the shadows after reaching the party, you should give Malborn a dagger and as many equipment, rings, amulets, potions, scrolls and any other items helping in staying silent.

How do you start diplomatic immunity in Skyrim?

You must first do the main quest line first. After you do the quest “Horn of Jurgen Windcaller”, talk to Delphine in Riverwood and say you want an attic room. Go to the room and wait for her to come and talk to you and a quest should start. After completing “A Blade in the Dark”, “Diplomatic Immunity” should start.

Can you save Etienne Rarnis?

Diplomatic Immunity Toward the end of the quest, Etienne can be found in a prison cell, being interrogated by Rulindil and some Thalmor guards. The Dragonborn can either free him or leave him in his cell.

Is there a key to the Thalmor Embassy?

The door at the bottom of the stairs leads into Thalmor Embassy, Dungeon and is master-locked, but opened by the key found in the chest upstairs.

Where can I get high elf blood?

You can harvest blood from the deceased. A good location for acquiring all except the High Elf blood is Liar’s Retreat, southwest of Dragon Bridge and Chillwind Depths. For High Elf blood, you can simply go to the Thalmor Embassy and kill a Justicar.

What happens if Malborn dies?

If Malborn is saved, he may easily die during his trip to Windhelm or the escape to Morrowind. … If Malborn is kept alive during “Diplomatic Immunity,” he may not appear at New Gnisis Cornerclub immediately afterward; it may take several days or even weeks of in-game time for him to appear.

How do I get my stuff back after Thalmor Embassy?

What do you say to Elenwen?

  1. “I trust that this is just the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”
  2. “I’m so glad you could attend today.”
  3. “I hope you’re enjoying yourself.”
  4. “Please, help yourself to more wine.”

Why are the Thalmor bad?

The Thalmor are known to be extremely arrogant and constantly insult the Dragonborn when encountered and tell them to mind their own business. They will attack if pushed, especially when enquired about Talos worship and stating that people are free to worship what they want as a response.

Can you join the Thalmor in Skyrim?

No, it’s not possible. The bigger thing I’d worry about is that the Thalmor have a habit of winding up on everyone’s bad side. The Thalmor have an embassy and a keep up north, a few agents scattered about (some giving minor quests), and some in the countryside that will attack you if messed with or even on sight.

How do I get into the Thalmor embassy without a key?

Use a wooden plate on the wall to the left side of the main entrance (behind the lamppost). Keep running into the plate to bypass the wall into Elenwen’s Solar exterior. Enter the embassy via the backdoor. There is a locked door at the center of the first floor that leads directly into the party hall.

What happens if you save Etienne Rarnis?

Etienne Rarnis is first encountered as a prisoner in the Thalmor Embassy’s Dungeon in Skyrim. He claims to be a member of the Blades that took part in actions against the Aldmeri Dominion, hence his imprisonment and torture. If the player chooses to rescue him, he runs off to join The Thieves’ Guild.

Can you save Brelas?

You will have the option to free her. After you rescue her, she will travel to Windhelm and, if she survived the journey, will spend her time at the New Gnisis Cornerclub with Malborn, assuming he also survived the journey. She will eventually follow Malborn when he flees to Morrowind.

Who is Hefid the deaf?

Hefid the Deaf, a Nord beggar, is part of the insane community found in the Ratway Warrens in Riften. She is locked in a dark room and will not emerge unless her attention is broken. … She will flee, running to other parts of the Ratway Warren. Her voice is rough, but sounds young, however her appearance is very aged.

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