How to clear large areas in minecraft?

Also, what is the command to clear blocks in Minecraft? This command is very similar to /kill or /setblock(air), the usage is “/remove (entity/block) “.

Also know, how do you clear your land fast in minecraft?

People also ask, how do you get rid of large areas in Minecraft survival? If you are stubborn on having it at bedrock and digging out that area I suggest you collect a few diamonds, make an enchantment table and/or anvil and try to make a Efficiency IV & Unbreaking III pickaxe. This will be the quickest way of clearing out huge areas of stone.

Likewise, how do you edit large areas in minecraft?

  1. Go to a corner of the area you want to fill.
  2. Press F3.
  3. Record your coordinates.
  4. Move to the opposite corner of the area you want to fill.
  5. Record the coordinates there.
  6. Press the “T” key to open the Chat menu, and type /fill [your first coordinates] [your second coordinates].

To remove water, players need to use the ‘/fill’ command. ‘/fill’ is a beneficial command using which players can replace blocks or fill areas with whatever blocks they desire. To remove water, players need two sets of coordinates (X, Y, and Z).

How do I delete all dropped items in Minecraft?

Besides plugins, the kill command also removes all dropped items. Using this command, you can remove any or all items from the world.

How do you clear land fast?

  1. Grubbing and Dozing. When using this style of land clearing, you can cover a lot of land at a fast pace.
  2. Burning. With a prescribed burn, you will be able to clear your land quickly.
  3. Hand Clearing. While hand clearing may be the least invasive way of clearing your land, it will also be the most time-consuming.
  4. Mulching.

How do you make a giant hole in Minecraft?

What is the fastest way to mine large areas?

How do you dig fast in Minecraft?

While standing on top stand just on the edge of one block while facing another block, and aim so that your line of sight intersects both. You want to be positioned such that both blocks are supporting you, so that when you click to mine, you remove both blocks before you actually fall. Then hold down the mouse button.

Is WorldEdit a Mod?

WorldEdit is an editing modification for the 2011 Mojang sandbox video game Minecraft, developed by software group EngineHub. The mod was released worldwide on 28 September 2010 for the hMod platform. … WorldEdit can be used to build almost anything through a variety of tools such as brushes, block replacers, and more.

What is the command for spawning the Ender Dragon?

You can summon an ender dragon whenever you want using a cheat (game command) in Minecraft. This is done using the /summon command.

How do you fill a large TNT in Minecraft?

How do you drain a large area of water in Minecraft?

How do you fill a large body of water in Minecraft?

All you do is dig out your lake. (i.e. 6 blocks deep and also a rise near the edges) Then you do 1 layer of dirt where you want the water level to be. Fully cover the lake with the one block high layer and fill/overlap with water. (Make sure water becomes fully still/settled!)