Minecraft – can you get flint from breaking gravel with a torch?

breaking gravel with torches can make flint.

Also, can you get flint using torches? collect gravel, build to sky in ocean, jump down, break bottom block with torch in hand, place torch right as block above begins to fall, profit, and hilarity, ensues.

Also know, what is the fastest way to get flint out of gravel?

People also ask, what are the chances of getting flint from gravel? When a block of gravel is mined, there is a 10% chance for a single piece of flint to drop instead of the gravel block. When mined with a Fortune-enchanted tool, this chance increases to 14% at Fortune I, 25% at Fortune II, and 100% at Fortune III.

Likewise, can you get flint from breaking gravel with silk touch? Silk Touch removes the chance of dropping flint. Fortune increases the chance to 14% at the level I, 25% at level II, and 100% at level III.

  1. Fortune 1 is 14% chance of dropping flint.
  2. Fortune 2 is 25% chance of dropping flint.
  3. Fortune 3 has a 100% chance of dropping flint.

How do I get flint from gravel?

Every time you break a gravel block, there’s a 10% chance that a flint will drop instead of gravel . Flint can be used to create Arrows and Flint and Steel. To create an Arrow, you will also need a Feather and a Stick.

How much flint do I need for 500 arrows?

On the desert island one of the quests is called “Blow Out The Sun”. For this quest you have to make 500 arrows. The problem here is that this will take way too long because flint in needed for arrows and gravel costs 4000 a piece.

Do you have to mine gravel to get flint?

In order to mine flint in Minecraft, players need to dig gravel in hopes that the gravel will drop a piece of flint after it is mined. Unfortunately for players, flint only has a 10% chance of dropping while mining. Due to the low drop rate, it can be frustrating when trying to obtain flint naturally.

How do you break gravel with a torch?

Instead of mining it or mining around it, you can break the bottom block with a torch, and then quickly place the torch in the empty place before the gravel falls down, then when the gravel falls, instead of the torch breaking (which I thought), the gravel breaks, making it easier to get through a chunk of gravel.

How do I get flint in Valheim?

  1. Find a body of water.
  2. Head to the shores/shallow areas of the water you’ve found.
  3. Look for flat white stones littered around, you can pick these up.
  4. Press ‘E’ to pick up Flint.

Can you get clay from villagers?

Clay can now be found in chests in desert village houses. Clay is now bought by villagers of the new mason profession.

What enchantment gives more flint?

Flint is an item in Minecraft only used for crafting Flint and Steel or Arrows. It can be obtained when mining Gravel; however, its 1/8 (12.5%) chance of appearing can be heightened by using a Fortune enchantment on anything. Fortune III has a 100% drop rate of Flint.

How do I make flint?

  1. Find a Block of Gravel. First, you need to find a few blocks of gravel to dig up.
  2. Hold a Tool. You can dig up gravel with anything including your hand, but it is faster to use a tool such as a shovel:
  3. Mine the Gravel.
  4. Pick up the Flint.

How do you mine gravel quickly?

How do you make a flint knife in Rlcraft?

and right-click on the top surface of said block to break it into flint shards. You will then want to break down leaves until you pick up a stick. You will need to take one flint shard and put it on top of a stick in your crafting grid, to get a flint knife.