Minecraft – what happened to bebopvox?

Keith Steinbach (born: July 16, 1985 (1985-07-16) [age 36]), better known online as BebopVox YOGSCAST (or simply BebopVox) is an American gaming YouTuber and prominent member of the Minecraft community who is known for his series called “The minecraft Monday Show” and as a former member of the Yogscast network, though …

Also, when did bebopvox join yogscast? bebopvox joined the Yogscast on the 22nd of January 2014.

Likewise, why did Ridgedog get fired? Steven Goates (Ridgedog) was let go by the Yogscast in early 2016. … Matthew Meredith (CaffCast) used to be a YouTube Content Creator for the Yogscast. He was terminated from the company in July 2019 after evidence of abuse of his position and sexual misconduct were brought forward.

People also ask, will strife banned from yogscast servers? William Strife, under the usernames Will Strife and Strife, is a Content Producer and former member of the Yogscast. … On February 15, 2017 Mark Hulmes confirmed on Reddit, that Will had left The Yogscast due to a fallout with their current network, contracts on Twitch, and a lack of communication on both ends.

Also know, what happened to ThatMadCat? In June 2020, “ThatMadCat”, a Yogscast member who compiled and uploaded highlights of other Yogscast members’ content, announced that they had been removed from the network following a series of inappropriate messages to fans via their Discord server and a refusal to apologize.

Why did Simon leave Yogscast?

Simon took a hiatus from the Yogscast in March 2015, with a video explaining his sudden absence. … Although he was released from the hospital a few weeks later, it was claimed that he wanted to take some time off in order to recover before returning to actively working on video content.

Why did Radders leave the Yogscast?

She appeared as a guest across multiple streams during the Jingle Jam 2017. She was let go from the Yogscast in March 2020. Both her and other members of the Yogscast claim it was purely a business decision.

Did Kim leave the Yogscast?

She has not left and will not leave the Yogscast family for the foreseeable future.

Who is yogscast Leo?

Leozaur, also known as Leo, was a Content Producer for the Yogscast and the queen of birbs. She has live-streamed survival video games such as Colony Survival with Lewis, Ravs, and Pedguin on the main Yogscast Twitch channel as part of the Colony Crew streams.

Is turps still married?

Turps got married to his wife, Liz Turpin, on February 1st, 2014. … Turps’ daughter, Rosie Turpin, was born on January 2nd, 2015. Turps had another daughter on September 12th, 2017.

What did yogscast caff do?

Game streaming collective The Yogscast has dropped one of its content creators due to allegations of sexual harassment. Matthew Meredith, known online as Caff, joined the group in 2016 and has gathered an audience of more than 100,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. He has been making videos since January 2013.

Is that mad cat a girl?

In the CGI series and live action films, M.A.D. Cat is a female, unlike the other appearances which have M.A.D. Cat as a male.

Is Thatmadcat a girl?

Shortly after Lewis’ statement, MadCat posted a final video to his Youtube channel. This video contains a voiceover of a Polish woman reading out a statement of apology, and a figure with long blonde hair. It has been confirmed by Yogscast members that MadCat is a male, so it is unknown who the person in the video is.

Is Zoey still in the yogscast?

Zoey Proasheck, under the username Zoeya, is a Content Producer for the Yogscast. Originally known for the series “Blackrock Chronicle” with Rythian, Zoey is now more known for her gaming YouTube channel and Twitch channel, on which contains varied let’s plays and videos with her partner, Fiona.

Is Lewis Brindley in a relationship?

Lewis is an atheist. Lewis is a vegetarian, as mentioned in 2017/2018 in the Jingle Jam livestream and the series Colony Survival. … It was hinted during the 2018 Jingle Jam Livestreams that Lewis was in a relationship, but no other details were given.