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What is the best gun in far cry 6?

SMG– MP7. The MP7 is the best SMG in Far Cry 6 and can be purchased at the Juan’s Arms Dealers or from the vendor at a Guerilla Garrison found in one of the three main base camps in Yara. It’s a great weapon for when things get chaotic if or when the stealthy approach has failed.

What is the best loadout in Far Cry 6?

Best weapons loadout in Far Cry 6 A good loadout in Far Cry 6 requires weapons that cover all scenarios, and that’s why our favorite lineup consists of the SSGP-58 Rifle, the SKS Rifle, the RAT4 Rocket Launcher, the Desert Eagle Pistol, and the Medico Supremo.

Are there secret weapons in Far Cry 6?

In our guide, we are going to talk about a total of eight hidden weapons that you can find in Far Cry 6. These weapons can be acquired by completing different treasure hunts. We are going to talk about how the weapon is, where the treasure hunt is located, and what you need to do to complete it.

What is the best sniper in Far Cry 6?

  1. The El Tirano is located at the Escila Fort in Vestosa Peninsula, Barial in Vall de Oro.
  2. Dani will need to reach the top of the lighthouse that is found in the northern area of the fort.

Can you get Castillos gun in Far Cry 6?

You can find the 1911 pistol in Far Cry 6 by entering José Castillo’s villa during the “Napoleon El Pequeño” mission. At one point, Clara will hack into a computer that will trigger the next chain of events in the mission. Once she does, you’ll find a chest right beside her containing 1911.

Where are SKS in Far Cry 6?

Non-unique weapons are usually obtained from FND chests while Unique weapons are usually from Yaran Contraband chests. An FND chest’s content can be random and you might get Gun Powder or a different gear instead of this one. During Paradise Lost, through the door at the southwest checkpoint.

How do you get to El Tirano?

  1. Head to Escila Fort in Ventosa Peninsula.
  2. Head to the back of the compound where the lighthouse is.
  3. Climb the watchtower on the nearby battlements to reach the grappling hook point.
  4. Grapple to the top of the lighthouse and loot the chest for the reward.

Where is the MG42 in Far Cry 6?

The location of the MG42 is the Torres Warehouse, north of Savannah Fields in Sierra Perdida, El Este. Go to the Torres Warehouse and begin Sweet Fifteen by reading the note by the office door on the north side of the warehouse.

Why is Hurk in every far cry?

Ubisoft wanted to « spotlight » characters from Yara, the fictionalized take on Cuba that serves as Far Cry 6’s setting. … Because of that, Hurk will instead be off on « other adventures » during Far Cry 6.

Where can I buy a 1911 in Far Cry 6?

To earn the weapon, head to Jose’s Villa, which players will visit during the “Napoleon El Pequeno” mission. During the hacking segment of the mission inside of the office, the Yaran Contrabrand Crate containing the weapon will be located in the room against a wall.

How do you get a 50 cal sniper in Far Cry 6?

  1. Build the “Guerrilla Garrison” Facility Upgrade at one of the 3 main camps. This costs 60 Metal + 60 Gasoline.
  2. Upgrade “Guerrilla Garrison” Facility to Level 2.
  3. Upgrade “Guerrilla Garrison” Facility to Level 3.
  4. Now you can buy the Sniper Rifle from the Guerrilla Garrison Merchant.

Who is the best sniper in the world?

The world’s deadliest sniper: Simo Häyhä With at least 505 confirmed kills during the Winter War of 1939–40 between Finland and the Soviet Union, Simo Häyhä (1905–2002) has been labelled the deadliest sniper in history.

How do you get the supercharger in Far Cry 6?

The Supercharger can be found by searching the GDP Oil Platform in the North-Western area of Cobre Shores in Madrugada’s Aguas Lindas area. You can take over this location on your own, or as part of the Diesel Daisy mission for Philly in Madrugada.

Where is the P226 in Far Cry 6?

In order to acquire the P226 pistol, you must play through the campaign until you reach the second to last mission “The Lion’s Den.” Unfortunately, the pistol cannot be obtained through your camp or Juan or by any NPC you encounter. Once you complete the mission, the P226 will be rewarded to you.

How big is the Far Cry 6 map?

Far Cry 6: How Yara’s Size Compares To Far Cry 5’s Map Recently, Gamepur showed just how big Far Cry 6’s map is and estimated it at 34 square miles, but this included the ocean. Yara itself covers a playable area of about 12.05 square miles.

Where are the pistols in Far Cry 6?

Far Cry 6 unique weapons: pistols Head to the southernmost island in Costa Del Mar. In the far north of the island is a tiny villa with a first floor office. You’ll find the gun in there. This gun is located in the basement of Fort Quito in north-west Sagrado.

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