What is the playstation support email address?

Email is the best way to receive an official response from PlayStation regarding a problem that you’re having if you need one for your records or for a lawsuit. … Include your account information, name, and a short description of your message in the email subject line so PlayStation support can reference it easily.

In this regard, how do I contact PlayStation support? Support. Tel.: 1-800-345-7669.

In regards to, what is Sony’s email? Product Support Telephone support is available Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm EST, excluding holidays. Please call our Product Operation Support Center at 800-883-6817 or email our support team at

Also, how do I send an email to PlayStation Network? To send a message, select (Create Message), enter the required information, and then select [Send]. Select to choose [To], [CC], or [BCC]. Select to enter an email address manually. Select to select an email address from your contact list.

Similarly, how do I contact PlayStation support Philippines? Use our contact form to get in touch. Key in [Sonyphils] space [name] space [message] then send to 0917-8205374.

How do I complain to PlayStation?

  1. Visit Customer Help.
  2. Call Head Office on 0207 365 2810.
  3. Tweet Playstation Customer Services.
  4. Tweet Playstation.
  5. Watch Playstation.

How do I send an email to Sony?

Is PlayStation support open?

The working hours for PlayStation support over the phone is from 8 am to 8 pm PST from Monday to Friday. Unfortunately, phone support is not available over the weekends.

How do I contact PlayStation support UK?

You will be asked to input an email address at which we can be contacted. Please use:

How do I recover my PSN account?

First you’ll need to click on the Trouble Signing In option on the log in page. Once here, go through the process of resetting your password, for which you’ll need to provide an email address so that you can be emailed by Sony for more info. Once you have done this, you should be able to get back into your account.

How do I contact Sony warranty?

Please contact Sony’s Customer Service Call Center or go to for a list of Sony Retailers. In the U.S. and Puerto Rico, call (800) 942-SONY (7669). Pursuant to this Limited Warranty, SONY will replace the product with a new or refurbished product.

Is there a live chat for Sony?

Sony Support – Live Chat Choose your product and we’ll get you to the right group.

What is ps4 support ID?

Your Support ID matches your Invitation Code that you use to add friends. You can find your Support ID in the game settings by tapping the gear button next to the stars window.

How do I get a support ID?

How do I report a Sony PS4?

  1. Open PlayStation App on your device navigate to the content or profile you would like to Report.
  2. For messages, press and hold the content you’d like to report and select Report.
  3. For profiles, tap More and select Report.

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