Where are alcatel phones made

Alcatel (TCL) Alcatel itself may not exactly be Chinese (the brand originally belonged to a French company), but its parent company is TCL, which does come from the Asian country. In essence, Alcatel OneTouch is a sub-brand.

Who manufactures Alcatel?

TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited (TCL Communication) designs, develops and markets a diversified range of mobile devices in more than 160 countries under the Alcatel brand.

Are Alcatel phones good quality?

Almost every part of the Alcatel 3L (2020) is better than you might expect given its price: the screen, the camera quality, the battery life… they’re all pretty average in the grand scheme of smartphones in 2020, but actually fairly impressive for a phone that costs so little.

Which country owns Alcatel?

The France-based company shipped 20 million units of their phones in 2020, thanks mainly to their extremely cheap pricing – an Alcatel phone can cost as little as £25 in the UK!

Is the Alcatel go flip a smartphone?

Because this isn’t a full Android device, it can’t use Google’s Find My Phone feature, so KaiOS set up its own—if you set up a KaiOS account, it will help you find a lost phone.

Which Alcatel phone is the best?

  1. Alcatel 5V. Alcatel’s flagship phone. The Alcatel 5V is labeled as the brand’s flagship phone.
  2. Alcatel 5. Compact flagship phone. This is another affordable flagship from Alcatel.
  3. Alcatel 3X. Elegant and functional.
  4. Alcatel 1X. Alcatel starter phone.
  5. Alcatel 1 (2019) Compact and affordable.

How long do Alcatel phones last?

The Alcatel 7 will easily last most people two days on a single charge. As for software, this phone is running a mostly-stock build of Android 8.1 Oreo.

Is Alcatel made by Samsung?

Alcatel (formerly Alcatel Mobile Phones and Alcatel OneTouch) (stylized as ɑlcɑtel since 2016, previously ALCATEL) is a French/Chinese brand of mobile handsets owned by Finnish consumer electronics company Nokia and used under license by Chinese electronics company TCL Technology.

Is Alcatel a safe phone?

As innocuous as a weather app may be, this particular one is particularly nefarious in the many ways it violated users’ privacy and security. … For one, it collected phone data like IMEI, email addresses, and locations and sent them to a remote TCL server.

Is Alcatel 3X 2019 Good?

The Alcatel 3X 2019 is a very well built phone for the money, and its battery life is equally very good. Its camera performance is only ordinary at best, even with multiple lenses, and its overall app performance isn’t on par with similar phones.

Are Alcatel phones easy to use?

This new smartphone model from Alcatel is easy to use and boasts the features of phones that cost many times more. It has an 8MP front camera that takes fantastic photos and videos, with fun abilities such as Photo Booth, Instant Collage and Social Square, plus a 5MP rear camera so you can take selfies.

What is the biggest Alcatel phone?

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — TCL Communication, the fourth-largest phone manufacturer in North America1, today announced the Alcatel 3V (2019), an affordable smartphone with a large 6.7-inch HD+ Full View Display that’s coming to multiple carriers in North America.

Do Alcatel phones have a SIM card?

Insert/remove SIM This device supports a Nano size SIM card. Do not use any tools to insert or remove the SIM card as this could damage other device components.

What is the latest Alcatel phone?

  1. Alcatel 1L Pro.
  2. Alcatel 1 (2021)
  3. Alcatel 1S (2021)
  4. Alcatel 1L (2021)
  5. Alcatel 3L (2021)
  6. Alcatel 1V Plus.
  7. Alcatel 5X.
  8. Alcatel 1V.

What operating system does Alcatel smartflip use?

OS: KaiOS 2.5. Screen size: 2.8-inch (internal), 1.44-inch (external) Resolution: 320 x 240.