Where is the move deleter in pokemon white 2?

1 Answer. At the PWT(Pokemon Word Tournament). He’s easy to spot out from there.

How do you get the Move Deleter in Pokemon Black 2?

The Move Deleter can be found in a stand at the Pokemon World Tournament. He can delete any move that your Pokemon knows, including HM Moves.

Where do you find the Move Deleter?

Can Pokémon forget TM moves?

You need to talk to the Move Deleter in Venesia (after the fifth gym) to forget that move. Dammit! I just finished the 2nd gym and it took 10 game hours! It will take a lifetime to forget that move!

Can Pokémon forget HM moves?

Those restrictions aside, the Move Deleter is the only way for a Pokémon to forget HM moves such as Cut or Fly besides exploiting the Day Care. … For most moves, Move Deleters are the only way to let Pokémon forget the move without learning a new one.

Is there a move Deleter in Pokemon White?

The Move Deleter is located within Mistralton City. In this house, to the right of the Pokémon Centre, the top left character is willing to delete the moves of your Pokémon.

Who can learn fire pledge?

  1. Charmander. #004 / Fire.
  2. Charmeleon. #005 / Fire.
  3. Charizard. #006 / Fire · Flying.
  4. Cyndaquil. #155 / Fire.
  5. Quilava. #156 / Fire.
  6. Typhlosion. #157 / Fire.
  7. Torchic. #255 / Fire.
  8. Combusken. #256 / Fire · Fighting.

Can you forget HM moves in Heartgold?

Move Deleters are used for deleting HMs off your move list because you can’t remove then any other way. You can find the move deleter in Blackthorn City.

Is there a move Deleter in Pokémon Blue?

There is no Move Deleter in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow. You will have to keep HMs in your Pokémon’s moveset.

When can you forget HM moves?

When you have access to Dendemille Town, Sycamore will approach you beside a house. That house, which is near the Pokemon Center, is the house where the Move Deleter is. Talk to him and he will delete one of your Pokemon’s moves.

Where is the Move Deleter in Ruby?

The move deleter is located in lilycove city in a house just east of the department store. He will be alone in his house. Talk to him and he will delete any move, including HMs, for free.

Where is Shadow Ball in Pokemon White 2?

Are TMs reusable in black?

You can now use them infinite times, but in exchange the price of TMs has increased considerably in shops but they are now reusable like HMs. Prior to Generation V, TMs are single-use items that are consumed after use, in contrast to Hidden Machines (HMs) which are not consumed.

How many TMs are in Pokemon White 2?

Pokémon Black 2 & Pokémon White 2 includes 95 Technical Machines in total, the same as Black/White. TMs can be used multiple times, just like HMs.

Can you forget HM moves in Omega Ruby?

Unlike TMs, HMs cannot be forgotten unless you go to the Move Deleter, a man that can delete any move in your Pokemon’s move set.