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Where to find the key in far cry 5?

The key for the bunker is inside the Boathouse which is located just below the bunker. But the door to the boathouse is locked and requires a key to open it. To enter the boathouse, you have to swim under it and you should found an entrance going inside and the key is just hanging near the door.

Where is the key to open the bunker in Far Cry 5?

Center. Jump on the porch roof, up towards the top and over the barbed wire. You want to make your way to the front porch and hop through the broken window on your left. Go down into the kitchen and get a Bunker Key.

Where is the key in the holdouts Far Cry 5?

Get up onto the roof of the house from the back side and go through a broken window. Find the bathroom and from there, climb up on top of the roof. Turn right and go into another broken window and back into the house. Look for a key next to a corpse downstairs.

Where is the key for the Boathouse in Far Cry 5?

Boathouse Key is a mission item in Far Cry 5 that is used to open a door at the Silver Lake Boathouse. You can find this key hanging a hook next to the door on the lake side. It isn’t really essential, as you can simply swim back out of the boathouse.

Where is the key at Mccalloughs garage?

Once you’ve slain the tiny beast, you’ll find the key hanging above the toilet in the bathroom.

Where is the key for the bunker?

After a while, you reach the locked door of the underground bunker. Listen to the radio conversation with Thabit and exit the town hall. To find the key to the bunker go West (point 4e on the map).

How do I get to the stash in Far Cry 5?

Cliffhanger Prepper Stash Location There’s a stash on the back of the truck, but you can’t get into it. To get the key for the stash you’ll need to head up the waterfall and find the key at the very top. Grab it, then return to the locked box to claim your rewards, including a bunch of perk points.

What they carried far cry 5 locations?

  1. Whitetail Mountains West of Cedar Lake.
  2. Whitetail Mountains – North West of Widow’s Creek.
  3. Whitetail Mountains – Whitetail Park Visitor Center.
  4. Whitetail Mountains – Elliot Residence.
  5. Holland Valley – Fillmore Residence.
  6. Holland Valley – Miller Residence.
  7. Holland Valley – Harris Residence.

How do you get into the Lansdowne airstrip in Far Cry 5?

Getting inside of the hangar is a part of one of the treasure hunting missions called Hangar Pains. You can unlock it by finding the right box with a note. The only way to solve this problem is to reach the open hatch on the hangar’s rooftop. You can do that by using your own helicopter and landing it on the hangar.

How do you get a cheeseburger in Far Cry 5?

Where is the key on Dutch’s Island?

Key Location to Open Dutch’s Locked Room Speak to Dutch as part of the Glimmer of Hope mission. He’ll direct you to open his nearby safe and take the gun from it. Beside the gun is the key that you require. Grab it and head back to the locked door.

How do you open a reaping truck?

You should see yellow boxes directly under the cargo container, on both sides. They’ll be filled with levers. When you approach either box, you’ll get the opportunity to interact with it. Doing so will make Rook pull a lever and open up the truck.

How do you drain the bunker in Far Cry 5?

Unlock the door, head inside and turn right – you’ll see a yellow switch on the wall. Flip it and the water in the bunker will begin to drain. Now head back down the ladder inside the bunker and you should now be able to reach the boarded-up doorway. Shoot it or melee it to destroy the planks.

How do I use the garage in Far Cry 5?

Back up the truck slowly so it automatically attaches to the trailer. Now pull the trailer free and out of the yard to reveal a hatch beneath. Open the hatch, climb down, then climb up the next ladder to enter the garage. The door will now automatically open.

Where is the garage in Far Cry 5?

McCallough’s Garage is a garage in the Henbane River region of Hope County in Far Cry 5. Just like most of the other places in the county, this location is also abandoned. There is a locked service bay with a car inside that can be unlocked once you find the keycard hidden in the garage.

What’s the best helicopter in Far Cry 5?

  1. First, we have the Kaumbat MH-158H Dap Sky Scarab.
  2. Second, we have the Kaumbat H-04B Foxfly.
  3. Third, we have the Kaumbat R-31 Air Buzzer.
  4. And finally, we have the Aerial Force Helicopter.

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