Who is the bus driver in fortnite?

A past trailer showed the bus driver was Tomato Man, but it was merely a Tomato Man-themed promotional trailer for Fortnite. Irrespective of this, it can be said that the Tomato Man was simply posing as the bus driver to fit into the theme.

Who is the driver of the battle bus?

The identity of the Battle Bus driver is unknown, but its hinted by Farmer Steel that may be an older individual, since he tells us to “respect our elders” in a quest to thank the bus driver.

What does the bus driver look like in fortnite?

The bus looks like a school bus but is blue and says “Battle Bus” on the back rather than school bus, and there appears to be a party going on inside. It is possible to thank the Battle Bus driver by pressing your emote bind, while riding the bus. On PC it’s set to “B” by default.

What happens if you tip the bus driver 4000 gold?

Tipping the bus driver 4,000 Gold Bars while talking to one of the NPCs on the map leads to a message in-game everyone can see. … Unfortunately, nothing much arises from this action other than the in-game message in the kill feed.

Who is fortnite Looper?

The Looper has a very powerful mind, as The Spire and Alien Parasites’ mind control doesn’t affect them. The Looper seems to have very great skills as a secret agent. They were recruited to The Agency on recommendation and had a rank equivalent to the eight best agents during Chapter 2: Season 2.

What’s inside the battle bus?

The inside of the Battle Bus is a storage case with room for more than 15 Battle Royale Collection figures. Open the door to drop into battle!

What is a battle bus?

Battle bus may refer to: The British English term for campaign bus. The Battle Bus, a vehicle in the video game Fortnite Battle Royale.

How do I become a Fortnite bus driver?

To thank the Bus Driver, you need to be in the Battle Bus before you exit it into a match and press the “Thank the Bus Driver” button. This button is whatever you have set to bring up the emote wheel.

How many buses are there in Fortnite?

This is for one of Fortnite’s week 13 challenges, and all you need to do is drop off some secret documents. You can do this by interacting with any one of the 17 bus stops dotted around the Fortnite map.

What is a Vindertech?

Vindertech is a technology company in Fortnite. Vindertech was named after its founder, Doctor Vinderman. Vindertech is the manufacturer of many weapons and vehicles such as the Battle Bus and the Storm Shield.

What happens if you tip bus driver in Fortnite?

What happens when you tip the Bus Driver? At the moment, when you tip the Bus Driver, a message will appear in the feed that states how much you have tipped them for. It doesn’t appear to be tied to any kind of secret of thing like that.

What do you tip a bus driver?

Most bus companies suggest tipping your driver between 10% and 20% of your bus rental’s total cost.

Why do we thank the bus driver in Fortnite?

It does not provide any gameplay advantage to thank the bus driver. It is just a little fun thing, probably based on the “thanking the bus driver makes you a better/more successful person” meme.

What is the 0 point in Fortnite?

The Zero Point is a Storyline Object in Battle Royale that seems to be the center of reality in the Universe. Previously in Chapter 1, it was located under Loot Lake, in The Vault. After the rearrangement of The Island, the Zero Point is contained in The Bridge on the other side of the Apollo.

Is Agent Jonesy a skin?

The Agent Jonesy Skin is an Outfit. This cosmetic has been leaked, and the skin will hopefully be available to purchase in the near future! Agent Jonesy was shown in The Device event at the end of Chapter 2: Season 2. It’s unclear right now if this is going to be a shop or battle pass skin for season 3.

Who is trying to escape the loop in Fortnite?

In Fortnite x Batman comic issue 4, it’s revealed that there are a few more characters who have escaped the loop. These characters are Renegade Raider, Fishstick, Bandolette, Eternal Voyager, Maggnus, and Bonehead.

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